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Tubular Battery maintenance

Periodical maintenance of Tubular battery will ensure better performance and longer life of batteries.


During an outage, the inverter will transfer from utility {PHCN} to battery power in about 10 milliseconds for an inverter/home UPS and 0 milliseconds for the online UPS.

Yes. A stabilizer/Automatic Voltage Regulator {AVR} can be used on the output of an Inverter provided the Stabilizer/AVR Capacity is less than the Inverter capacity.

Excessive load may be connected to the inverter.Reduce the load by switching of some of the elctrical loads. Overload protection MCB at the back of the inverter might be tripped. If all above are Ok, call for service assistance

Sine wave power allows your equipment to run cooler, last longer and operate without the malfunctions and reduced performance caused by substandard power. Sine wave power also ensures maximum compatibility with sensitive electronics like computers, network devices and audio/video equipment. Many devices require sine wave power, including variable-speed power tools and computers with active PFC power supplies

Inverter Batteries are usually connected in series to make-up a Battery Bank, as shown below; Example: Two 12-volt batteries wired in series with one another will create a total of 24 volts. If one battery fails, the others will stop providing power to the load.

The runtime (i.e., amount of time that the inverter will power connected electronics) depends on the amount of battery power available and the load that it is supporting. In general, as you increase the load (e.g., plug in more equipment) your runtime will decrease.


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